Plegadis falcinellus

Glossy Ibis - This bird is found almost world-wide but they are uncommon in some places. One of these places being here in Ireland! While generally declining in Europe it has recently established a breeding colony in Southern Spain, and there appears to be a growing trend for the Spanish birds to winter in Britain and Ireland. Two of these birds were filmed in Ballincar Rosses Point Co. Sligo. It was a pleasure to witness these birds calmly feeding alongside our Oystercatchers. Some of these images and video clips are also from Quinta da Lago and Pera Marsh in Portugal.

▼ Video Clips

▼ Glossy Ibis feeding and preening at Ballincar Co. Sligo

▼Lagoa dos Salgados (Pera Marsh) in the Algarve Portugal 

▼ Glossy Ibis preening at Quinta Do Lago Portugal

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