Upupa epops

Hoopoe - Breeds on most of the larger Mediterranean islands and has occasionally bred in Britain. A few have also been recorded in Ireland although a very rare sight. They prefer open woodland and cultivated country such as vineyards and orchards, parks and large gardens. Very aggressive to intruders during breeding times. Hoopoes are capable of squirting fecal matter at intruders. They also seem to frequent low lying vegetation where they forage for insects. These birds were spotted at Cabanas De Tavira, Praia da Rocha and Vilamoura reed beds in Portugal. A beautiful unmistakable bird.

▼ Video Clips

▼ Cabanas De Tavira Portugal

▼ Hoopoe taking a dust bath. Cabanas De Tavira Portugal 

▼ Hoopoe from my hotel balcony. Vilamoura Portugal.

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