Falco tinnunculus

Kestrel - Probably the most common of all British falcons. The Kestrel is often identified as hovering like this over fields hedgerows and even motorways with it's head totally still while searching for food on the ground such as voles, mice, shrews and beetles. 3 to 6 brown spotted eggs are incubated by the female for 4 weeks. The young fledge 4-5 weeks later. The Kestrels here were taken in Derby, Co. Leitrim, Sligo and the Algarve.

▼ Video Clips

▼ Kestrel at Praia Da Rocha cliffs Portugal

▼ Taking a dust bath in Alvor Portugal 

▼ Hunting at Quinta Da Rocha Alvor Portugal. April 2016 

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