Egretta garzetta

Little Egret - The Little Egret is a European bird vagrant to Britain but becoming more popular around the UK and Ireland. Resembling a totally white Heron. In breeding plumage it sports two long plumes from the back of the head and plumes on the back and breast. In flight the large feet are noticeably yellow. These egrets were photographed in Co. Sligo, Attenborough Nature Reserve Nottinghamshire and Portugal.

▼ Video Clips

▼ Little Egret at Cartron Bay Co. Sligo. This clip showing the distinctive yellow feet. Notice how it shuffles its feet in the marsh sediment to disturb small fish, insects, amphibians and crustaceans.

▼ Little Egret in the Gilão River that runs through the center of Tavira town in Portugal 

▼ Little Egret fishing at the Four Aquas salt pans in Tavira Portugal.

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