Cygnus olor

Mute Swan - The Mute Swan must go down as one of our most gracious birds. Aptly named, this is the quieter of our swans, except during the breeding season when it hisses and croaks at anyone or anything that comes too close to the nesting site. Mute Swan mates for life, but if one of the pair should die, the other will remate. The nest is a large mound of vegetation. The Mute Swan can be identified by the black basal knob at the top of it's beak. The Whooper Swan has a more yellow beak as opposed to the deep orange of this bird. These pictures taken around Derbyshire and Co. Leitrim.

▼ Video Clips

▼ Mute Swans with juvenile present at Lough Annagh Greaghnafarna

▼ Mute Swans at Lough Meelagh Kedue Co. Leitrim

▼ With chicks at Barton Marina Staffordshire

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