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May 2017

Ruddy Shelduck - New Listing
Black Swan - New Listing
Bar-headed Goose - New Listing
Chestnut Teal - New Listing 
Hooded Merganser - New Listing 
Hawaiian Goose - New Listing
South African Shelduck - New Listing
Orange Ringed Teal - New Listing
White-faced Whistling Duck - New Listing
Smew - New Listing  
Rosy-billed Pochard - New Listing
Bufflehead - New Listing  
White-cheeked Pintail - New Listing
Fulvous Whistling Duck - New Listing  
Wood Duck - New Listing 
Red-breasted Goose - New Listing
Shelduck x Ruddy Duck Hybrid - New Listing
Common Tern - One photograph added.
Greylag Goose - Four Photographs added
Great Crested Grebe - One photograph added
Barnacle Goose - Four photographs added
Coot - Three photographs added
Goldeneye - Four photographs added.
Red-crested Pochard - Four photographs added and two deleted
Muscovy Duck - Three photographs added
Tufted Duck - Two photographs added
Mandarin Duck - Three photographs added
Jackdaw - One photograph added
Ferruginous Duck - Two photographs added
Mallard - Two juvenile photographs added
Eider - Two photographs added
Shelduck - One photograph added

June 2017

Mistle Thrush - One photograph added.

July 2017

Sparrowhawk - One photograph added
Whinchat - New Listing

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